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R&D Tax Claim Optimisation

R&D Tax Claim Optimisation

Maximise Your R&D Tax Benefits safely with a Confidence!

Our R&D Tax Claim Optimisation Service ensures you achieve the maximum R&D Tax Credit whilst remaining compliant at all times. Our team ensure you benefit from R&D tax relief without worrying about undervaluing your efforts or facing HMRC enquiries.

Do you currently file for Research and Development tax credits?

Maximising your R&D tax credit claims safely is of the utmost importance.

Our R&D Tax Claim Optimisation service is here to ensure that your company complies with HMRC regulations while also making the most of your tax relief.

Whether you need consulting services or a full end-to-end process, we have got you covered. Don’t risk losing out on substantial tax breaks due to a minor error – hire us and make the most of your R&D tax credits.

Stress Test Your Claim

Have questions or concerns regarding your R&D provider? It’s crucial that you check for validity and integrity in your claim.

Is your current R&D service giving you an accurate evaluation of your projects?

Do they keep in touch with you as the project progresses? How satisfied are you with your R&D tax credit? Are your account managers proactive? Do your financial consultants have the necessary qualifications? Do your technical consultants possess the necessary specialized knowledge?

Do your R&D Tax Relief Consultants expect you to write the narrative activity justifications for the projects in a claim?

Our Technical Consultants will take this off your hands, leaving you free to concentrate on your work.

Is the scope of your claim sufficient to encompass all that you are due?

When filing a claim, do you know that everything possible is being done to optimise your payout? Many of the customers we are in the process of claiming don’t realize their old service was unreliable and counterproductive.

For instance, are all the costs reasonably maximized? Have you carried out a qualifying R&D project that is supplementary to your main trade? E.g. You are a Construction company that has manufactured something, or an Engineering company that has developed some cutting edge software.

Do they have faith in their own offerings?

Our clients return to us for the right reasons, not the wrong ones, and it is not our responsibility to force businesses to comply with contracts that have already been enforced.

We have an extremely high client retention rate.

Does your claim have a former HMRC inspector vetting it to make sure it holds up against HMRC?

There is a consensus among reputable R&D providers that they should include sector-experienced Technical Consultants to understand whether there are actually qualifying R&D activities, Chartered Accountants/Chartered Tax Advisers to understand your accounts & finances and one ex-HMRC R&D Unit Tax Inspector to sense-check the whole claim for compliance to HMRC expectations. Bonham & Brook bring all these to the table.

Do you think they meet all the requirements?

Understanding the ins and outs of tax legislation, R&D tax credits, and HMRC industry standards is crucial to providing excellent service to our clients and partners.

Does your provider understand all the nuances of making an R&D claim?

There are many nuances. The relevant legislation, keeping up-to-date with legislative changes, tribunal & tax cases that impact your claim, the changing nature of HMRC expectations and many more. Our knowledge base and direct contact with HMRC specialists are crucial to providing excellent service to our clients and partners.

Have questions or concerns regarding your HMRC claim or investigation?

Our Head of Compliance and ex-HMRC R&D Unit Inspector from November 2006 to March 2015, Malcolm, is happy to spend a free 30-minute consultation discussing the above to help you decide

Our Process

Thankfully our team of ex-HMRC inspectors and tax experts can guide you through your HMRC enquiry and ensure complete compliance, a maximised claim and a smooth ongoing relationship with HMRC.

1. Initial Review

We’ll analyse the chances of success and carry out due diligence on relevant documents before signing the contract.

2. Claim Verification

We’ll investigate past R&D expenses and gather evidence through interviews and document audits.

3. HMRC Prep & Response

We’ll compile additional information to assist with responding to HMRC enquiries, prepare for written and direct communication, and provide support for conference calls and in-person meetings.

4. Resolution & Support

We’ll handle paperwork and provide ongoing support throughout the investigation resolution process with HMRC.

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